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Sponsored by: Brenspeed


Want the coolest KIDS' car on the block? This is our BEST YET Brenspeed Mustang and it has a lot of surprises. This will be #6 of the KIDS' Brenspeed vehicles built for the North Webster Community Center.

Just when you think these 12 volt Mustangs are meant for big kids we have a surprise. How about a remote! Strap your toddler into the 5 point harness and drive your 2 year old around just like a remote car. Are they big? No big deal turn them loose with the high and low speed switch and gas pedal and let them tour the streets themselves. No other Power Wheel Style car in history has a remote for your child now you can control the smallest or let the largest roam where they want on their own.

This Mustang not only comes with a car cover and floor mats just like a real car… but it has LED lights, blue tooth radio, Battery Voltage Display, and all the sounds of a real muscle car via the push to start button.

Brenspeed Mustang #6 AND ONLY 1 CUSTOMIZED A YEAR for the North Webster Community Center.

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