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Community Indoor Garage Sale

April 22nd
8am - 2pm

Garage Sale 2.jpeg

Garage Sale Vendor Information

Booth Space:

There will be 44 booth spaces 10x10. We can open the Community Hall if we have enough interest. Tables will be a first come first serve. We have 8' tables and 6' tables.  You are welcome to bring your own table. This not a craft show, but such items are allowed IF AT LEAST 50% of the items in the booth are garage sale items. Limited amount of space is provided outside the booth space for larger items. Availability is not guaranteed! 




ALL BOOTH RENTERS MUST PARK IN THE CHURCH OF GOD PARKING LOT. As a business owner, it is important that you have space for all your customers to park. You are welcome to drop/unload items at any of our entrances, but you will need to move immediately to accommodate other vendors and ultimately shoppers.  The north door (This is the door by the outside basketball courts.) will be unlocked for entrance after walking across the street. The large glass doors on 13 will be locked, please use the doors on the north side of the building. 


Set Up:

Set up will begin on Friday (April 21st) at noon till 7:45 pm and again Saturday at 6:30 am - 8am . All business owners/vendors need to be set up and ready to go by 8am on Saturday. Community Center doors will open to shoppers at 8am sharp. Please plan accordingly. 


Operating your booth:

Don't forget change...many people will be shopping with cash. It may be wise to have a cash box of some sort. Plan ahead and make sure to start your cash box with plenty of cash to make change. 


Attitude is everything:

We know you have all worked very hard, make sure to have a smile on your face and a good attitude in mind. This will be a great day. We are all so excited for you and have also worked very hard to make this day special. Please let us know if we can help.

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