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Fallin' Into Fun

Our Fallin' Into Fun program was designed with the idea of giving our local kiddos something to do over their fall break. This year for the time our local school corporation will be taking an entire week off.  We have partnered with several local organizations to make this week of food and fun happen! 

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Fall Break Calendar (2).png

In partnership with Kosciusko County Community Foundation, the KREMC Roundup Grant and The Dekko Foundation, we will have the privilege of providing kiddos with a free meal, an engaging activity, and some fun for a couple hours a day. 

As we continue to fulfill our mission of enhancing our community through meaningful activities, this week long event will host several local organizations to help; North Webster Senior Primelife Center, The North Webster Kiwanis, The North Webster Community Public Library and Goshen Health Services. 

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